Dallas Rotarians Enabling Achievement and Mentoring Scholars

The mission of the DREAM Team is to begin mentoring high school students at the start of their sophomore year at Woodrow Wilson High School for about two and a half years, with a lesser mentor commitment through the mentees years of college. These mentors help students learn how to recognize, develop and utilize their leadership, scholarship and service capabilities while embracing the Rotary motto of "Service Above Self” as they prepare to become successful and productive citizens.
Developing these students into leaders will enrich the lives of countless others and result in stronger and more cohesive communities. Students that participate in the DREAM Team mentoring program are encouraged to apply for DREAM Team scholarship awards, which provide $8,000 a year towards a college education for up to two Woodrow Wilson High School seniors each year as long as they maintain the required GPA. 
“The Rotary Club of Dallas has made a positive difference for many of my students at Woodrow Wilson High School.  Without their help, many of our students would never have the opportunity to attend college.  The hours of service and dedication these Rotarian mentors have given have encouraged many of our students to actually see that when people work toward the same goal, something great can be accomplished.”
                                                                                       - Ruth Vail, former principal of Woodrow Wilson High School
Due Date: March 31, 2021 
Details are in the downloadable document above.