Henry Osinachi Emele
Sponsored by Colleen Brainerd
Business Analyst at Sky Shadows LLC | Transferring Rotarian 
Henry was previously a Rotarian and really enjoyed serving his community and humanity through rotary. Henry's wife, Kara is looking forward to becoming a member of Rotary for the first time. 
Kara Myrick-Emele
Sponsored by Colleen Brainerd
Ronnie L. Johnson 
Sponsored by Charles Dowden
Attorney at McGlinchey Stafford | Transferring Rotarian from Baton Rogue 
Ronnie has been a Rotarian with the Baton Rogue club since 2009, now that he has moved to Dallas, he is looking to transfer to the Rotary Club of Dallas. Some of Ronnie's interests include being involved in Clean Water & Sanitation, Club Programs, International Projects and The Rotary Foundation. 
Audrey Moorehead 
Sponsored by Maxine Aaronson
Misdemeanor Court Judge for Dallas County  
Audrey's passion has always been community service. She desires to become a Rotarian to have the ability to associate with people in the community that share her same passion. Audrey is also interested in international service. 
Tracie Patterson 
Sponsored by Dana DeVance
Director of Operations at Veryable | Transferring Rotarian from Fair Park
Tracie's entire purpose is to make others' lives better. She has found Rotary to have a larger vehicle to continue her purpose. Tracie was first introduced to Rotary as a young child when she was given a Community Civics award in school. As an adult Tracie has belonged to other non-profit organizations, but they were mostly about networking and she wants to serve the community.
Joanna J. Nichols "JJ"
Sponsored by Charlie Mohrle
New ​​Corporate Membership ​​​​​Le Caveau | Transferring Rotarian from Fair Park
JJ enjoy's vocational service. She received a Rotary scholarship and always wanted to be able to give someone a chance to do something they never would be able to afford to do or have a chance.  
Thierry Plumettaz 
Sponsored by Charlie Mohrle
New ​​Corporate Membership ​​​​​Le Caveau | Transferring Rotarian from Fair Park
Thierry is hopeful to remain a Rotarian and provide educational seminars to the club on wine, as a small business owner.  In the past he has enjoyed participating in the North Dallas Food Bank, the community service in East Dallas as well as the shoe projects in Mesquite. Thierry has been a sponsor for Pints for Polio 2 years in a row and attended the Butterfly pavilion exhibit at the State Fair of Texas.