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Title: “Social Impact Investing: a new tool for development. Loftyinc and West African Entrepreneurship today.”

Speaker: Marsha Wulff

Bio: Marsha Wulff is a twenty-year veteran of impact investing with an African innovation focus. Her work relies on globally-astute African entrepreneurs who return home to solve economic development challenges. Their early stage ventures design digital platforms that leverage mobile tech to leapfrog historic issues, including a health tech platform that lowers the cost and raises the quality of healthcare in Nigeria. After a decade of building innovation support ecosystems and a respected team track record, the Loftyinc team is raising their second Afropreneurs Fund for ventures launching in W. African markets. Her background includes entrepreneurship, asset management, corporate communications and venture investing. She also co-owns a superfood farm and processing center in Uganda, and a cattle operation in Nigeria. Marsha earned her Executive MBA at SMU’s Cox School of Business, Dallas, Texas. She has also lived and worked in Australia, Argentina, China, Germany, Taiwan, and India.