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Live with passion, work on purpose
Dr. Alise Cortez is affectionately referred to as “The Anti-Undertaker” as she catalyzes the otherwise “walking dead” to discover and grow their passion, inspiration, and purpose in life and at work. She is a Management Consultant, Speaker, Consultant, Author, Radio / Podcast Host, Purpose/Engagement Catalyst and Organizational Logotherapist based in Dallas, Texas. Having developed her expertise within the Human Capital / Organizational Excellence industry over the last 20 years, today she is focused on helping companies, leaders, and individuals across the globe to more meaningfully and purposely connect with their work to achieve greater fulfillment, more impactful results, and harmonic work-life integration. She is a sought-after speaker and management consultant to organizations, conducts leadership development and employee engagement programs, and facilitates retreats to discover and grow your purpose.
Keynote Title: Take Charge: Live with Passion, Work on Purpose, Create Work- Life Harmony
In today’s hustle-and-bustle world, it seems no one has time for work-life balance, let alone passion and purpose. “I can barely keep up with laundry, getting the kids to school, all the extra projects at work, and the commute. I’m exhausted!” And as professionals also balancing full lives with community service, days disappear into weeks, and balance, passion, and purpose seem like lofty goals. Yet, there is so much we can do to take charge of life to live with passion, work on purpose, and create a harmonious work-life integration. Taking charge of your life means “taking the wheel” for what meaning you give your life experiences, being intentional about your mindset, cultivating passion and inspiration, and awakening to your purpose. You owe this to yourself. And guess what? When you live and work from passion and purpose, you create an intentional way of being that facilitates a mindset of possibility and ushers in the peaceful and fulfilling harmony you’ve been craving.