On October 27th we welcomed to the podium Ray Washburne. He is a Dallas product having graduated from Highland Park High (Go Scots!) and SMU. He is a co-founder and co-owner of the M Crowd Restaurant Group which owns and operates restaurants around the US including the MiCocina chain. Interestingly he observed that there is not a worker shortage in America but that wage offerings are not high enough.
The main focus of his remarks was the Highland Park Village, the first shopping mall in America and a well known Dallas landmark. Ray serves as the president and managing director of the Village. Improving the premises is a top goal. Replacing aged underground pipe is one project. Paving the grounds with brick and removing curbs is another, followed by exterior plantings throughout.
One interesting highlight is that more than 20% of customers of the high end shops and restaurants come from other countries. Shopping at Highland Park Village is an adventure in itself and you can even order valet service from your home and back.