On October 7th Dr. Carlos Aguilar, Director of the Texas Central High Speed Rail System told the club about the future of high speed rail service in the state in the near future. Texas Central will provide service from Dallas to Houston with a stop in Bryan/College Station. On 236 miles of track trains will  complete one way travel in 90 minutes at speeds of between 186 and 200 miles an hour on its own trackage with no vehicular crossings. The engineering design is well tested on the Japanese light rail system which has operated for 40 years without any fatal accidents.
The aisles of the passenger cars are wide enough to accommodate wheel chairs and the seating is wider as well. Construction will create 17,000 jobs and many subcontractors have already been designated. Projections indicate that the train will replace 15,000 automobiles a day, and with minimum emissions it will produce a boon for cleaner air. Ironically even though every aspect of the design and infrastructure has been in operation for years, commencement of high speed travel may be delayed by politics and necessary land acquisitions.