On March 10th the daughter of an Illinois dairy farmer enlightened us with 10 items which we may not have known about the State Fair of Texas. It's not as far-fetched as it might sound because Gina Norris has served as chair of the State Fair Board of Directors since 2019. She has been involved over the years in many organizations in Dallas which promote learning opportunities.
The livestock and farm product component of the annual fair fit quite nicely with Gina's youth as a 4 H Club member. Among the exhibits is a Livestock Birthing Center for us city folks-adult and children- to witness first hand.
Of the Top Ten items several stick out. In 2019 over 2.5 million visitors attended the Fair's 24 day run during which two famous football rivalries met in the Cotton Bowl. Last year the State Fair gave the City $34 million for Fair Park improvements in addition to paying Dallas an annual rent. The Fair also distributed $1.22 million in scholarships. During the Fair there were 75 ride concessions which complied with strict safety guidelines.
Fair Park contains the largest collection of Art-Deco architecture in the world which was designed and built under the supervision of George Dahl, a member of the Rotary Club of Dallas for many years.