Our speaker on November 18th was the Metroplex's well known sports icon Norm Hitzges. An always entertaining story teller he told about growing up and attending harness races with his father which explains his life-long passion for horse racing.
After much cajoling father and son  convinced his mother to go to the track with them. When she learned that a $2 winning ticket could produce a $7 return she became an avid bettor and continued off track betting almost to the day she died from cancer. Although he grew up in modest circumstances there was clearly an abundance of love in his family.
Norm  has always been a generous person,both with his time and his money. A central project in his life is the Austin Street Shelter which provides overnight lodging for up to 350 homeless persons, and even more on sub-freezing nights. Supported solely by charitable contributions he noted that over time 100's have returned into the community with self supporting employment. He further observed that most homeless persons want to change their status.
As we approach Thanksgiving it is appropriate that we contribute financially to the well being of those less fortunate than ourselves.