During the President Elect Training Seminar, Hubert Zajicek, President Elect of the Rotary Club of Dallas presented over $15,000 to ShelterBox representatives who were on site demonstrating how ShelterBox is providing relief to families in crisis because of the invasion of Ukraine. 
In the past year 13.3 million people fled their homes and nearly another 8 million have fled Ukraine to avoid suffering and death as victims of the atrocities of the war.
In response, and with the support of Rotary, ShelterBox has taken action to relieve more than 37,000 persons so far and another 30,000 in the coming months with essential items to help them survive the devastation of the war through the bitter winter.
To get the latest on ShelterBox’s support of Ukrainians and how you can support this effort visit: https://shelterbox.org/where-we-work/ukraine-crisis/
The story describing PE Hubert Zajicek’s fundraiser for ShelterBox  is at:  https://rotary5810.org/Stories/austrian-gluhwein-event-benefits-shelterbox-aid-to-ukraine