For many of us we were introduced to the world of esports by Danny Martin, co-founder and CEO of Esposure, at our meeting on January 26th. After graduating from high school in Lancaster he attended the University of Texas-San Antonio where he studied business management and entrepreneurship while honing his computer skills.
Danny learned about esports tournaments and started his first business while a student at UT-San Antonio. By 2015 he had established an esports arena in downtown Dallas. Professional sports gamers from around the world compete in playing computer games while attracting up to millions of viewing spectators.
In addition to gaming his company has expanded into computer technology, production science and design. He contributed to the creation of an Esports Business Management course at SMU and has set a personal goal of  engaging 20,000 students and young adults to enter careers in computer gaming by 2025. In the meantime he also serves on the boards of Big Brothers Big Sisters Lone Star and the Esports Trade Association.