On January 13th Jim Falk, president of The Dallas-Fort Worth World Affairs Council, spoke to the club on the topic of making Dallas a more international city. Although he will soon retire he is in a unique position to address this concern having served in this position for nearly 20 years. This is not a new issue as there have been a number of studies and papers generated over the years.
Jim related that the Brookings Institution in Washington,D.C. has listed ten important traits for cities seeking to be identified as an international city. Among them are: a community with a world outlook with a strong arts culture and a highly skilled work force. In reaching for the status of an international city Mr. Falk was critical of the City's lack of adequate funding for the mission. He also suggested that local civic and business leaders be contacted for their input. He wishes that area media outlets spent more time publicizing international visits and events. He pointed out that whatever promotes Dallas's world image benefits the entire North Texas region. Finally he encouraged a partnership of government and the private sector in an advisory capacity for future planning.