On Friday, September 3rd, our Rotarians drove to Dallas’ North Central Police Station to surprise their Crime Response Team with a huge and healthy breakfast, as well as snacks for the day. Event planning began when the CRT lieutenant called Kimberly Bowen, a local resident who helps the station’s officers in a variety of ways. For this request, she accidentally met one of our Rotarians who helped move this request forward to make it happen. Accidents do happen, and ready Rotarians make the best of them!
At the station house, we got to learn a little more about their efforts, and were able to share the community gratitude and safe wishes for their services. We had plenty of breakfast to share with other members of the station house.

Personally, I was very impressed by each of these very professional gentlemen and I was very glad to be afforded the opportunity to help do something nice for them!

Here’s what Kimberly had to say in her own words about the event: “They were blown away by all of the food and support. It was so nice to meet those of you who were in attendance. As I was leaving the station, I overheard other officers who were coming in asking where the food came from.  One of them replied ‘the Dallas Rotary Club brought it to us. It was great.’  To me, that says it all.”