This year's event was held at PT Neighborhood Pizzeria on Lemmon Avenue.  We had a very special guest attend our event – Michelle Provan.  Her father was a polio survivor and she saw what polio could do personally.   That was why she was so excited to attend and support the cause.  I encourage you to clink on the video link here and watch.
We tried a mid-day approach vs. an evening and it worked.  It also helped that we had a Service Project that morning.  There were close to 50 attendees at the event and RCD netted about $2300 for Polio.   The Gates Foundation does a 2 to 1 match for all funds raised and donated to RI for Polio.  So our $2300 turns into $6900.  Not bad for drinking beer and eating pizza.  

Charles Dowden was the Chair of this years Pints for Polio.  JJ NIchols will be taking over going forward.  JJ is always happy to help any Club that would like to do a Pints for Polio event set it up and get it going.  It’s fun and for a great cause.