Mar 04, 2020 11:45 AM
Hubert Zaijcek and Healthcare Panel
Global Impact Through Healthcare Innovation in North Texas

Health Wildcatters, founded and lead by our own RCD member Dr. Hubert Zajicek has been acknowledged as one of the top three healthcare-only accelerators in the country. It has accelerated over 60 healthcare startups in the last 6 years and helped many hundreds from all over the world. Today you will hear from 3 such healthcare startups from here in North Texas, whose innovations touch the lives of many millions.


Greg Anderson is a senior Sales & Marketing leader, with expertise in Commercialization and Brand Development for consumer products.  Greg provides a distinct perspective in building consumer brands, one that is shaped by 20-plus years experience working on innovative global leaders, including PureWine Inc., Red Bull North America, the Dallas Mavericks and Nike Inc.


For Perinatal Access founder Greg Linton, maternal care for high-risk pregnancies is personal. His twin sons were 27-week old preemies, born about 3 months early. Greg hopes that Perinatal Access will help healthcare facilities spot warning signs of premature births earlier and keep babies in utero longer.


Jonathan P. Northrup is Cofounder and CEO of Stingray Therapeutics, an immune oncology company located in Houston.  Jon is a very experienced biotech executive, also Cofounder and a Board Member of Iterion Therapeutics (Beta Cat Pharmaceuticals) an oncology company working on therapies that inhibit cancer stem cells since 2010.


Hubert Zajicek is CEO & Co-founder of Health Wildcatters, a nationally top ranked healthcare accelerator and investment fund in Dallas. Health Wildcatters provides mentorship, capital and guidance to healthcare related startups. The accelerator raises an angel-investor backed health innovation fund that has invested in 68 healthcare startups - from over 20 states. These startups have attracted over $70M in capital in about 6 years and are valued at over a quarter billion dollars.